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Beating the January Blues – 5-a-day, the Bible Way

Beating the January Blues – 5-a-day, the Bible Way After the fun of the festive season, many of us can feel overwhelmed with feelings of emptiness, depression and even despair.  It can feel as if the lighter, warmer months and the freshness and renewed energy that come with spring are still a long way off. A few years ago, a campaign was launched to cultivate better mental health, tapping into the now well-known “5-a-day” message for good physical health.  “5-a-day” for good mental health is not about eating fresh fruit and vegetables, but about adopting certain good habits for living.

Walking in the dark

When lockdown initially happened in March, to ensure I left the house every day to get some fresh air, exercise and a change of scene, I set myself the target to walk 6000 steps per day. With the aid of an app on my phone, I could keep track of my progress and soon found a number of routes which would help me achieve my goal. Its been a real pleasure taking a daily walk and despite the shorter days I am determined to continue this through the winter, come rain or shine! However, my opportunity to walk tends to come after 5pm.

Duck or rabbit?

Duck or rabbit? What do you see? Or can you see both? Sometimes there are simply two different ways of looking at the same thing. It probably doesn’t matter that, in the case of this image, both can be seen as correct interpretations. So it is with many things in life: we can agree to differ and no harm is done. Ideally we can learn to see both points of view! However, we can take this too far in life and assume that nothing is really definite; that everything is open to our own personal interpretation and that there is more than one truth about everything.

Peace on Earth

“Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace; goodwill toward men!” – so sang the angels to the awestruck shepherds when Jesus was born (Luke 2:14). But what did they mean by peace? Most of us, if asked to define “peace”, would think either of the absence of war, or on a more personal level, the absence of obtrusive noise or worry. However, when we look carefully at the Scriptures, we find a very different definition. Ever since Adam and Eve chose to disobey God in the Garden of Eden, humans – in fact the whole of creation – have been out of sync with Him.

Where was Jesus born?

Where was Jesus born? Not quite the romantic setting imagined by Christmas card artists, maybe the only space available in a crowded ancestral home in Bethlehem. In any case, it was specially prepared by God for the birth of His son, one day still to be King of this world! https://bit.

Christmas Lights

Pretty? Gawdy? Elegant? Over-the-top? Everyone has their own view on Christmas lights – especially other people’s! But we can perhaps all agree that, like them or not, they are certainly cheery at a time of so much darkness. This year I have noticed that there are more Christmas lights up than ever. My local farm shop tells me that they have sold more Christmas trees than before too, and are struggling to keep up with the demand for turkeys and other Christmas treats.

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What’s a Church?

There’s huge variety in the Christian world: lots of churches and chapels but each diverse in its beliefs. What’s more puzzling is that most of them accept the Bible as key to their views and way of life. Does it matter? Do you head for the nearest church or join the one that suits you best?

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