Different churches have differing beliefs. Pershore Christadelphians encourage everyone to study the Bible for themselves. Explore these web pages for views on various topics.

Why I Believe the Bible - Biology

Dr Phillip Mallinder explains the amazing, intricate design of cells in the human body and the beak of a woodpecker and asks "who designed them?

Why I Believe the Bible - Horticulture

In this fascinating video, Matthew Biggs from the BBC’s GQT (Gardeners’ Question Time) discusses the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula), a plant that eats insects. He looks at how the Venus flytrap works and asks the question, “Has the Venus flytrap really randomly adapted to its current form?” Matthew describes how carnivorous plants like this have strengthened his belief that they were created by God rather than evolved.

Why I Believe the Bible - The Law of Moses

Dr John Hellawell explains how many of our supposedly modern hygiene practices actually date back thousands of years as described in the early books of the Bible.

Why I Believe the Bible - Archaeology

Dr Leen Ritmeyer explores how modern day archaeological discoveries verify the Biblical account of historic events.

Why I Believe the Bible - History

History teacher John Botten explains how the Bible not only records ancient history but also predicted the rise and fall of Alexander the Great.

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