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Rules are essential. They show us what’s right and what’s wrong, they show us the boundaries of good behaviour, they make it possible for us to live together. Imagine roads without rules—nobody would be safe. Without rules, society could not function. There are rules in the Bible, as you’d expect. For example ‘You shall not murder’ and ‘You shall not steal’. These are two of the Ten Commandments, the fundamental rules which God gave to His people Israel as a basis for their society (you can read them all in Exodus 20). They’re part of the system of laws called the Law of Moses.

He is our Rock

We took our Youth Group rock climbing at a local indoor climbing centre recently. We all had a great time and finished the day with a bible thought. David must have been an expert rock climber! In his youth as a shepherd boy, when on the run from Saul, and in his campaigns as a leader of the armies of Israel. For him the rocks, mountains and caves where places of safety and security. Why? Because rocks are big and heavy, solid and immovable - they are not going anywhere!

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