Basic Bible Teaching

Different churches have differing beliefs. Pershore Christadelphians encourage everyone to study the Bible for themselves. Explore these web pages for views on various topics.

What the Devil is all about

What is the common understanding of the Devil? Over the years it is has come to mean a being who tempts good people to do bad things, as opposed to tempting bad people to do bad things. That is probably why there are so many ways in which the word Devil crops up in everyday speech: Devil’s advocate, dare Devil, handsome Devil, Devil in disguise, better the Devil you know etc. So, this pervasive concept of a Devil/supernatural being has made its way into our language and thought. Encyclopaedia Britannica describes the Devil as an ‘anti-angel’ pitted against the archangel Gabriel.

How Israel Fulfils Bible Prophecy

The Bible is full of prophecies about Israel and God’s people, the Jews. These prophecies are significant not just for the Jews, but for every one of us. It is important to start by saying that Christadelphians have no political stance, since we believe that “ the Most High rules in the kingdom of men ” (Daniel 4:17); our view on Israel is not what we think, but what we believe God’s word, the Bible, says about it.

Is being ‘good’, good enough for God?

Many people think that God will reward them just for doing ‘good works’ in their lifetime and that, if their good deeds outweigh the bad, when they die they w ill ‘go to Heaven’. But what does the Bible actually say about this? Good enough for what? Let’s start with the ‘going to Heaven’ bit … The New Testament makes numerous references to ‘the kingdom of God’. In fact , the Gospel message can be summed up as something like: ‘the things of the kingdom of God and the things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ’.

Suffering and death. Why?

A difficult subject This topic has exercised many minds, in fact it is the reason some reject any belief in God at all. Surely a ‘righteous’ God would do something about the misery in the world; all this anguish and disharmony surely calls His motives into question. Some argue that this disharmony exists because God is in combat with Lucifer/Satan: He is so busy dealing with this war that He has no time to concern Himself with the human beings caught up in it. (This is not a Biblical concept, however.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Facts about Jesus More evidence exists for Jesus’ life and execution than for Alexander the Great. For instance, non-Christian historians such as Josephus, Tacitus and Pliny all provide records of the man. The Jewish Talmud describes Jesus as a false prophet who was executed for blasphemy, and Thallus in AD52 recorded the events that occurred at Jesus’ death. But did Jesus subsequently rise from the dead? Circumstantial evidence for his resurrection seems overwhelming.

God’s Kingdom on Earth

Professor Stephen Hawking stressed that there is no long-term future for humanity on the earth. ‘Spreading out may be the only thing that saves us from ourselves. I am convinced that humans need to leave Earth.’(1) The entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of Spacex, said, ‘Humans need to be a ‘muliti-planet’ species…’in order to safeguard the existence of humanity in the event that something catastrophic were to happen.’ God, however, assures us that nothing is going to destroy the earth.

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