Read the Bible with us in 2017!

An invitation to join us in reading the Bible in 2017! 

Why? We believe the Bible is God's message to us telling us where we came from, the meaning of life and where we are going (in essence, God's plan for this earth).

This is backed up through archaeological evidence, a consistent message (the Bible was written by many writers, all inspired by God, over thousands of years) including predictions that have been proven accurate through history and point to a wonderful future to come.

Through reading and understanding God's word we have come to know God and have a relationship with Him through His son. This does not make us a perfect (now), only God can do that, but we are all on a journey in this life that can bring us closer to God and to his Kingdom on earth in the future, if we respond to Him.

Three portions of the Bible will be posted to the Pershore Christadelphians Website every day in 2017. Just click on the Daily Readings block on the right. There will be two readings from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. You can listen to the readings as well!  This is a reading plan we've used for a long time, and is very effective in reading the whole Bible in a year (including the New Testament twice).

You can also follow our facebook page and see the readings posted there as well:

So we'd like to share this hope with you by inviting you to read the Bible every day! How about, for 2017, just reading one of these three posts a day?

We wish you all the best for 2017, and may this be the year that God sends His son back to rule the earth!

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