- God created the heavens and the earth

There has been no shortage of debates between those who believe that God created the earth and those who believe in evolution. But what are you and I to make of it? Most of us have nowhere near enough knowledge of science to check the truth of evolution and where do we start with assessing creation?

Well, it might help just to note a key point about evolution. It is still only a theory, not a fact. In the scientific world, a theory needs to be observed and replicated to be correct before it is accepted as a fact (which makes sense!). This is usually done by setting up an experiment or simply observing the parts of the theory in action.

A creature adapting to its environment can be observed, but the most important part of the theory of evolution, the origin of life on earth as we know it today, cannot be tested or proved. Life came into existence a long time ago and, by definition, no one was there to observe how it happened.

Neither can we set up an experiment because to do that we would need to reproduce exactly the same conditions that existed when life was formed and we simply don’t know what they were.

So, we need to be careful before accepting evolution as a totally proven fact. It isn’t.

The record of God creating life on earth is found in the Bible and is very definite. We find words such as: 

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

(Genesis 1 v 1)


Thus says the Lord…'I have made the earth and created man upon it'.

(Isaiah 45 v 12)

Can we believe it? 

When the apostle Paul was writing to Christians in the first century, he said that simply observing the world around us confirms the existence of God and supports creation. Surely we can understand that?

Apart from the beauties of nature, our awareness of the complexities of the human body with its dependency on the natural environment for air, food, water and gravity point to the conclusion that life on earth is no accident. There must be an enormous mind behind it all, capable of designing and creating this wonderful, complex world with so many inter-dependencies. 

God did indeed create the heavens and the earth.

[All Bible references are from the New King James Version unless stated otherwise]

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