Why I am a Christadelphian I come from a Christadelphian family, and I grew up in an environment of belief in God and His purpose for the world. Despite this, it was not a foregone conclusion that I would follow that path myself. As a teenager I questioned everything I was taught, especially by parents, and I was in no rush to be baptised. Evolution and other “science questions” were never much of a sticking point for me. From an early age I’d been taught at school the typical Big Bang and evolutionary view of the origins of the earth and life. However, the Big Bang theory appeared to contravene some of the most basic laws of science we were also taught. Also, no matter how it was framed, the evolutionary view ultimately claimed that all human, animal and plant life started by chance. My reluctance to be baptised stemmed far more from a belief that the Bible’s guidance for a Christian life was staid, illiberal, and prevented one from carrying out certain civic duties associated with the state. Over time my views changed, and I came to see that far from being a set of rules and regulations, the Bible’s guidance for life helps people avoid common pitfalls of unrestricted freedom. In addition, I came to see that a Christian’s ultimate loyalty is to God, rather than the country they are born in. Finally, a greater understanding of Bible prophecy allowed me to see how the events of the previous 2,000 years had played out in accordance with a continuous historic interpretation of the Book of Revelation. Other parts of the Bible prophesy a return to the ancient land of Israel by the Jewish diaspora which had occurred and continues to do so. The events of the 21 years since I was baptised have served to further point to the return of Jesus to the earth. pershore.bible pershore-christadelphians.org

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