Why I became a Christadelphian As I went through the teenage years, I had a good friend, David, who I had known since childhood. We did most things together, both at school and in our spare time. Our social life was fairly typical: we went to teenage parties, met with friends in coffee shops, occasionally tried the local theatre or a concert. And of course we started to sample the delights of beer and cider (wine wasn’t fashionable in those days!). I was aware that David was a Christadelphian but didn’t really give it much thought until one day, he told me things were going to change. He had decided to be baptised and that was going to affect his lifestyle. We would still remain good friends but he was going to be active in his church and would not have so much time for the social activities we had enjoyed together. I was blown away. I thought church was just a place you went to on Sundays when you couldn’t talk your parents out of making you go. How could a religion be so important it changed your life? I decided to investigate and eventually went with David to a Christadelphian meeting. Everyone was very friendly and the main part of the meeting was a Bible talk intended for non-Christadelphians which I found fascinating. I started going regularly and began discussing beliefs with other Christadelphians. It soon became obvious they based all their teachings on the Bible and claimed to have got back to the original Christian Gospel preached by Jesus. I didn’t know my Bible that well and so couldn’t really argue with them. So, I got a list of Christadelphian beliefs with the supporting Bible references and sat at home, working through them with the declared intention of proving Christadelphians wrong. But the outcome was the complete opposite. After many evenings, I came to the conclusion, not only that Christadelphians were right, but that what they were saying was supremely important. I became a regular attender at the meetings and eventually became baptised myself. pershore.bible pershore-christadelphians.org

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