What do you expect? A flash of lightning? A vision? No!

What do you expect? A flash of lightning? A vision? No! My journey began much like a little seed planted in good soil... a bit like the sower sowing the seed in the parable Jesus told. As the fourth child of Christadelphian parents, my three brothers and I were blessed with a childhood being taken to a Christadelphian Sunday School every week. This was followed as I got older by fun on Friday nights at youth club and weekend gatherings, sharing great times making friends from all over the country enjoying Bible related stories and activities. Even better were the most fantastic annual holidays ever, spending a whole week at a summer camp in Dorset with lots of friends from across the country from the age of 10 and right up into my twenties. Lifelong friendships were established - including meeting my future long-suffering husband in a field in a camp at Corfe Castle! So I guess some people may question whether I just took an obvious step to join the Christadelphian community because I had been brought up knowing nothing else. You'd be right to question this...and I did! I can assure you it took a lot of soul-searching to accept that being brought up by Christadelphian parents, and steeped in Bible reading from an early age, it was not a foregone conclusion that I would accept the beliefs of the Christadelphians. It was a huge, huge blessing instead. In my teenage years I realised that I was looking at this in the wrong way. Rather than questioning why I was following in my parent's footsteps, I realised that I should accept how fantastic it was that God had given me such a wonderful childhood and the opportunity to slowly grow the building blocks of my faith on a firm foundation of Bible reading. I thank God that the drip, drip, drip of Bible knowledge over many, many years has led me to discover God's plan and purpose with the earth and how I can be a part of a wonderful future in His kingdom on earth. This year I have faced the recurrence of breast cancer after being treated over 12 years ago. There is no doubt that part of me went through the “why me?” and questioned why I was going to face this trial yet again. However, not for long. Soon I began to draw on the strength of those around me, the prayers that I knew were being offered on my behalf, and the practical help and support from friends, colleagues and my church family that flooded in to help me. I realised that whatever happened to me, God was with me and His promise of eternal life in His kingdom is the most important outcome for me. I firmly believe God puts us together with like-minded people so we can grow together into one strong plant from our own little individual seed. “So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.” – Romans 12:5. The Christadelphian community - “brothers and sisters in Christ” - has been my family for over 43 special years. Find out more about us at pershore-christadelphians.org

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