A time is coming when all of the people of the Middle East region will be in total harmony. Friendship and cooperation will arise between men of Tel Aviv and Gaza City. Genuine and lasting goodwill. This does seem unlikely, given the failure of many international peace conferences and treaties. Yet God who rules in the kingdom of men has declared that He will bring this about. (Isaiah 2: 4) The Jewish people are the chosen people because they are descended from Abraham, a man God called His friend. Crucially, they were descended from Sarah, not any of Abraham’s other wives. This is disputed: you have to assess and choose between the teaching of the Bible and the Koran. Despite this great honour, the Jewish people have consistently disobeyed God, culminating in the wilful crucifixion of His only son. Today, though inventive and powerful, many are atheists. But what do you think of the Jewish people? https://gladtidingsmagazine.org/gods-witnesses/?fbclid=IwAR05tK71QTTywiF_yNzIZQrurerM0urMM675YspN5ZY129N755MEaiOno98

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