FOR my lunch a few days ago, I had, amongst other things, a very good helping of healthy cabbage. I am well aware that there is nothing very remarkable in that, for I imagine cabbages or similar green vegetables are eaten almost worldwide. However, there was something very remarkable to me about my cabbage. The story started last spring, when I took a walk into my garden and dropped about twelve "full stops" into the damp, warm soil; well, they were not actually full stops but they were about that size. They were of course cabbage seeds, and I marvelled that within each tiny seed there was the unseen germ of life. Over the next few weeks, with the sun and the rain that God controls, and with me nurturing them and keeping them free from weeds, they put down their roots and produced the food that has helped to sustain my life. All of this is undoubtedly remarkable and is a constant reminder of the power and the love of the Creator, and of His provision for us. However, it points to greater things still, for the seed of God's word has firstly been sown into our minds, and we must constantly strive to keep that seed free from weeds and allow it to put down roots, deep into our hearts. Then, with God in control of both our joys and our sadnesses, in the fullness of time and by His grace, our lives will be sustained eternally. There surely could be nothing more remarkable than that. (Kindly reproduced with permission from The Christadelphian magazine)

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