Have you ever read the Bible cover to cover?

Have you ever read the Bible cover to cover? Perhaps you have dipped in and out on occasions. Maybe you just know some of the familiar passages read at Christmas or Easter. Have you promised to read that book one day, find out why it’s a bestseller, and see what it teaches? Maybe you have tried to read it but got confused and put it back on the shelf for another day! Anyway, why should we bother? As Christadelphians, we try to read the Bible every day because we believe it is God’s word. It holds the key to understanding why and how we exist, what the purpose of life is, who God is and that He wants a relationship with us. God has chosen to reveal Himself and His purpose to men and women through the Bible and He wants us to find out about it and respond to Him. But that brings us back to the need to read and understand it! Even if you have tried to read the Bible you might need some help to grasp what it is teaching us. It isn’t always easy to understand – it will take time and effort. Yet, if we persevere, we will be rewarded with an amazing insight into God’s mind, His thinking and His plan for the future. So, to help you start reading your Bible, here are some tips to consider: 1. Start each session with a prayer, thanking God for His Word and asking for help to understand it 2. The Bible is split up into 66 smaller books. Focus on one of those at a time, breaking them down into manageable chunks. Try to get the big picture to start with; don’t get lost in the detail for now 3. Little and often works better than big sections occasionally 4. Try reading slowly out loud to get a sense of what is being taught 5. Look at the context the passage is written in to understand what is being said before applying it elsewhere 6. Try to summarise a passage in a few short sentences to see if you can have grasped what is being said 7. Ask lots of questions and write them down – they may get answered further on 8. Keep on reading, don’t give up! The tricky passages are scattered throughout the Bible so an easier bit will be coming up soon! If you would like further help with your reading, please do contact us. We would love to help you find the best way to open up the Bible. pershore.bible pershore-christadelphians.org

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