Mothers' Day Most people nowadays probably don’t know that the origins of this festival are found in the established church: the date is set by the church as the fourth Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter Sunday. It was around the beginning of the 20th Century that the “Mothering Sunday Movement” gave it a slant that had less to do with the church and more to do with mums. The fact is that Mother’s Day has nothing to do with the Bible as such. Christadelphians try hard to stick with what the Bible says and not to make too much of anything that does not find its origins there. We try to allow it to guide our thinking and our behaviour. So what does the Bible have to say in relation to this? The Ten Commandments include “Honour your father and your mother” and respect for parents and grandparents is paramount throughout Scripture. So too is the importance of being grateful. Gratitude for all the blessings of our lives is a significant antidote to bitterness and greed. This is perhaps why it’s good to teach our children to be grateful too. When children are not taught to show gratitude they are spoilt and selfish. When we put together the importance of showing gratitude and the importance of honouring our parents, perhaps it’s a good thing to use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to say thank you. But we would also surely agree that “an attitude of gratitude” and respect for the older generation should not be reserved for one special day only. A Mother’s Day gesture can only really find meaning from someone who is consistently grateful and respectful for the rest of the year! It is no different with God. He wants to be our Father. He has gone to great lengths to make this possible, if we so choose. But just like any human mother, God doesn’t want one-off devotion; a ritualised act to fulfil a sense of obligation, while – for the rest of our lives – we fail to recognise His loving care and constant provision. He doesn’t want us to behave like spoilt children, but to develop a genuine relationship in which we show our appreciation for all that He has done and learn to love Him. One day all the world will acknowledge Him and respect Him. When that happens, tremendous blessings will flow to all the Earth. Have a read of Psalm 67 if you want to find out more!

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