Does archaeology support the Bible?

Does archaeology support the Bible? Archaeologist Leen Ritmeyer has been excavating Jerusalem for years and believes the Bible gives an accurate historical record. Jesus performed miracles at the Pool of Siloam, and you can see the water there today, coming from the Gihon spring through Hezekiah’s tunnel. Or you can stand on the Mount of Olives, where he taught. Around the city walls, you can find evidence of the AD70 destruction of Jerusalem that Jesus had prophesied. And Ritmeyer unearthed arrow heads from hundreds of years before—arrows that the Babylonian armies and Israelite soldiers fired during the battle that saw Jerusalem destroyed by the Babylonians, and the people taken into captivity. You can touch a stretch of wall that the Bible describes Nehemiah rebuilding when Babylonian exiles returned seventy years later. In this short video, Leen Ritmeyer describes why he believes the Bible. Not just that it is an accurate historical record, but also that it describes a hope for the future of humanity.

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