My car – an ageing Mini – had to go for its annual MOT test today.

My car – an ageing Mini – had to go for its annual MOT test today. Passing the test is compulsory in the UK to ensure that all cars being driven around are “road worthy”. When my car fails – as these days, it always seems to – there’s a cost involved in bringing it up to standard, making it fit to be driven safely around. It feels like a real nuisance until I think about the benefit of driving on roads where all the vehicles DO meet a decent standard, rather than – as I’ve done in other countries in the past – being subject to all kinds of hazards from polluting, lop-sided, unlit, decrepit motors all sharing the road. Then I’m thankful for the “road-worthy” standard that we have in the UK. God makes it clear in His Word, the Bible, that He has a standard to which He will, one day, hold us all to account, for which we can be even more thankful. His standard is not just a case of reaching a certain minimum level in order to be “worthy” to live. It is perfection! Why? Because it is His stated aim to one day fill the earth with His glory: creation will be restored and all the people who live in it will be those who, down through the ages, have longed for it and been made perfect! Like my ageing Mini, none of us are “worthy” of this on our own merits. We don’t just need bringing up to scratch but transforming: all of our imperfections removed. But the wonderful thing is that the “cost” for this amazing hope has been covered, entirely, by Him, through His Son, the Lord Jesus! If we will recognise our need for transformation and align our lives with His, He promises to “present you faultless before the presence of His glory, with exceeding joy…” (Jude, v24).

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