Our Meetings

Sunday Mornings - Breaking of Bread Service

11.00am at The Christadelphian Hall, Paddock Close, Pershore.

On a Sunday morning, baptised members of our church group, listen to an exhortation, and have a 'Breaking of Bread' service where we remember Christ and give thanks for him and his sacrifice as commanded in the Bible. Non baptised members are also present, but do not take the emblems of bread and wine. Visitors are most welcome at all our services.

Sunday School

9.30am at The Christadelphian Hall, Paddock Close, Pershore.

Your children are most welcome to come and join our Sunday school from the age of 4. At this age they will be told about the simple bible stories with craft activities.

As the children grow older we look into these stories more closely and discuss elements of them which interest the children and are relevant to their lives.

Sunday Evenings - Public Talks

6.00pm at The Christadelphian Hall, Paddock Close, Pershore.

Our purpose in holding public meetings is to provide help and encouragement to everyone and to spread God's wonderful hope of salvation.

The public talk on a Sunday evening lasts about an hour and consists of an opening and closing prayer, some hymns and a talk of around 40-45 minutes. Since we do not have an ordained ministry, our speakers are members of our church at Pershore and from other Christadelphian meetings around the country. This ensures a wide variety of speaking styles and approaches, with some talks aided by visual presentations.

Refreshments are offered after the talk where you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Our Sunday evening talks present basic Bible Truth. As with all our studies, there is a constant emphasis carefully comparing "scripture with scripture", in an attempt to get at the real message of the Bible.

Over the course of a year, we cover a wide range of subjects covering all the fundamental bible messages.

Visitors are most welcome to attend our Bible talks.

Mid-week Bible discussions

Wednesday 8.00pm at The Christadelphian Hall, Paddock Close, Pershore.

At Wednesday's Bible Class, about thirty-five of us gather to study God's Word in a more informal setting. Occasionally we also meet in members' homes or for advertised meetings at other venues.

Events Calendar

Our Events page has more details of the Public Talks and any other events we are organising. Please see our Find Us page for information on where we are.

All events are subject to the will of God!